The DEMO is already out


Aerial Experience
The aerial mode in the first demo has three main locations available for interaction: Manicoré, reserve, and communities, each of them with its own set of information displayed. In the aerial view, we have selected spots to be reconstructed in 3D for the users to interact.


A showcase of all the interactable spots and locales of the metaverse. In this view, the user can easily filter the hotspots by subject and relevant topics. This view also helps to highlight the many different data and activities developed by the MetAmazonia group.
Nut tree and Ararian stage
This category serves the user with a variety of tailored tours. More information can be shown by clicking on a tour hotspot, giving the user a meaningful sequence of events regarding the tour subject. The info panels can be evolved to allow richer interactions with voice narrations, animations, or even minigames. All of these can be utilized to expand the gameplay of the metaverse and eventually host sponsored, educational content or marketing campaigns.
Forest Reserves: digital twin of areas under the protection of EBCF. The reserve has 20,000 hectares, divided into 4 regions and 12 major areas, subdivided into thousands of different plots available for purchase.
Manicoré: Located in the state of Amazonas, Brazil, the city of Manicoré is the main logistic hub of the region of the MetAmazonia project. Located on the shores of the Madeira river and with more than 50,000 inhabitants, the city hosts the headquarters and a few infrastructure buildings of the MetAmazonia project.
As the project evolves, new areas and more details can be added to Manicoré, transforming it into a richer 3D environment to explore.
The first area to be unlocked in the ground view experience will be the Jatuarana village.
One of the 15 villages in the surrounding region of Manicoré, Jatuarana was chosen as the first place to be virtually reconstructed due to its dimensions and proximity of the Jatuarana Igarapé, a branch of the Madeira River, being a good showcase of the landscape variety and the lifestyle in the small Amazonian communities.
In the virtual Jatuarana, the users can explore the village section accessible only by boat during the rainy seasons, visiting the immediate surroundings of the chapel as well as the area close to the football field, which contains impressive massive Brazilian nuts trees and açaí palms plantations.

Ground Experience

The ground view offers users a high-quality immersive metaverse experience. They can explore the virtual world with their avatars and interact with different elements and other users. The ground first demo has one location available for interaction and two categories of experiences.
Animation Hotspots: spots in the scenario that trigger special animations in the player character, allowing interactions with the environment or situations presented in the scene.
This feature is a powerful tool both for storytelling and for social interactions inside the metaverse. For storytelling, the hotspots allow users to do activities that belong to the virtual world, such as: repairing objects, dancing, working, or climbing trees to cut down açaí berries. In the social aspect, interaction with the environment enables users to behave in different ways to become part of the virtual world. Action such as sitting on benches or around a campfire to chat with friends gives an immersive experience that transforms the relationship with the virtual world.
Tour on the ground: learn about the history, cultural and biological elements of Jatuarana and experience the changing climate of the village.

Getting Started


The controls and interactions of MetAmazonia were designed to attend to tech-savvy natives and who aren't familiar with technology, presenting an easy and intuitive way to experience the metaverse. The interaction can be done in two ways:
Keyboard & Mouse
When accessing the metaverse through a computer. By using the keyboard, users can move the character by pressing the movement keys.
The mouse can be used to interact with different elements on the screen, as well as the possibility to move the character by clicking where they desire to go, automatically moving the avatar and giving an easier way to experience the metaverse.
When accessing the metaverse through a handheld device or a touchscreen. The character movement is similar to the one available with the mouse: users can double-tap where they want to go in the scene and the character will automatically move there. Future updates can include a virtual controller to give full freedom of movement.
For a detailed breakdown of the controllers and commands, visit the Movement page