Phase 01 - Q3-Q4 2022
  • Launch at GITEX Future Blockchain Summit
  • Waiting list for 2730 AmaLand NFTs
  • StoryMaps release
  • Whitepaper release
  • Tokenomics release
Phase 02 - Q1-Q2 2023
  • AmaLand 1° whitelist NFTs for sale
  • Introduce multiplayer gameplay
  • Roll out of utilities for corporates and individuals
  • Play to Earn
  • Improve system scalability and capabilities
  • Launch of $MTZ token
  • Launch of Impact and AmArt NFTs
Phase 03 - Q1-Q2 2024
  • Release of further AmaLand plots
  • Launch of DAO and $MTZ
  • Launch of MetAmazonia x AmaTech Launchpad
  • Acquisition of new protected forest – 5M hectares
  • Development of new communities – 500K people
  • Scaling CO2 emissions reduction – 500M tons of carbon mitigated
Q1-Q2 2023
Community Growth – 50,000+ community
  • Engagement/posts
  • Articles; partnership announcements; progress notes
  • Videos
  • Campaigns
  • AMAs
  • Airdrops
  • KOLs + influencers
  • Strategic partners to boost outreach and legitimacy
  • Universities and Research Institutes
  • Agencies fighting the same cause
Q3-Q4 2023
Community Growth – 100,000+ community
  • Unique experience competitions – tourism, etc.
  • Education trips
  • Official bodies – governmental agencies, schools, etc.
  • News outlets
  • Corporate world
  • Researchers
Exploration phase (DEMO) - Q3 2022 - Q1 2023
  • Avatar - Random Generator
Avatars are generated every time a user connects by combining a random combination of genders, heads, hairstyles, bodies, and accessories.
  • Avatar - Basic Emotes
Emotes are preset animations that the users can trigger for their avatar, allowing them to express themselves non-verbally with other people inside the virtual environment. This basic setup includes 5 different animations to be triggered.
  • Avatar Navigation
Two distinct ways of navigating the world with your avatar, the first one being a control through the keyboard and mouse and the second one being a solution to use only the mouse or a touch screen, facilitating the experience for both tech-savvy or inexperienced users.
  • Dynamic Time of Day
A dynamic light setup that allows the control of the sun's position and rotation, replicating the lighting conditions of the real locations in real-time. This system is used to facilitate the 3D environment creation and to assist in narrative creation for the user experiences.
  • Dynamic Weather System
An arrangement of preset weather conditions in the virtual world to simulate different situations in the 3D environment. The weather can be triggered or scheduled by the application servers or it can be based on a real weather database of the Amazon region.
  • Animation Hotspots Locations
In the virtual world where you can stand with your avatar to play an animation, simulating different situations and interactions. Those animations can be something simple, like sitting on a bench or dancing on a stage, but they can also be further developed to create unique simulations like collecting the casting units or climbing a tree.
Beta (Closed Release) - Q3-Q4 2023
  • Chat - Text
A text function inside the application, lets users communicate with each other by typing in a text box.
  • Chat - Voice (Phase 01)
A voice chat system that allows users to communicate with each other through their headsets. This first phase of the feature directly connects the audio between users like a normal conference call. Phase 02 will include proximity voice chat, which is dedicated to spatial audio resources so the sound is heard louder the closer to the avatar of the user who's speaking.
  • Pre-Recorded Events (Basic)
The basic setup of the pre-recorded events consists in providing the base for accessing pre-recorded events in the virtual world. They can be video content digital avatars or audio sessions in a specific place of the environment with some tailored 3D content for them.
  • Scheduled Events
The scheduled events are the same as the pre-recorded events but they happen in a specific given time. The schedule for them can be defined either by the server so everyone needs to connect at the same time of the local time or they can be available for specific times around the user time zone.
  • Treasure Hunt / Collectibles
By exploring the virtual world, users can discover and unlock hidden and collectibles rewards.
  • Social Projects Preview
A representation of the different social processes that are developed by MetAmazonia which showcase to the users what is being developed in the local communities.
  • Multiplayer Experience (Basic)
The setup of the system and infrastructure for the application to host multiple users in the same environment at the same time.
  • Plazas
A meeting place for the users and foundation. The plazas are exclusive areas on the map that are reserved for institutions, partners, and public experiences, where they can customise and create their own narratives about the rainforest and their own brand, products, and campaigns.
  • Badges
The badge system represents the personal and community achievements in the gameplay; it's a gamified solution to provide engagement and social status. By participating in events, exploring the world, and doing specific actions inside the metaverse, the users are rewarded with badges as proof of their achievement. These badges can also contain special rewards such as cosmetic items, collectibles, or even NFTs.
  • Sponsored Content
A solution for companies and sponsors, the virtual world can land space for either visual marketing or virtual experiences inside the metaverse. By using the set of tools that we developed, sponsors can have unique places to explore inside the virtual world with their own set of activities that better represent their brand.
Public - Q1 2024
  • Avatar Customization / 3rd Party Integration
Avatar customization can follow two different paths: you either create your own avatar or integrate an already existing solution from a third-party company.
  • Booking, Tickets, and more
A system that lets users buy tickets and access special events in advance. Requires integration with a ticket system with the Web2 layer to validate user access. Useful for special events and shows inside the metaverse.
  • Live Events
Advanced solution for events inside the platform for a unique experience that can be created with custom animations and even an environment where the presenter decides when to step up and speak directly to the audience. A powerful solution for artists and conferences inside the metaverse.
  • Social Experience Monetization
A series of solutions for monetizing the social experience inside the matters metaverse, where exclusive events can be accessed by buying tickets or special actions can be made in an event by purchasing access.
  • Avatar Store (emotes and cosmetics)
The avatar store consists of selling items, cosmetics, clothes, and emotes for the user to customise their avatars.
  • Large Scale Pixel Streaming
This next phase of pixel streaming consists in expanding the technology and the infrastructure to allow a large scale of users to connect simultaneously while making sure that the experience is smooth and responsive via the internet.
  • Chat - Voice (Phase 02)
Evolution of the proximity voice chatting system where we use the spatial audio for the users' avatars, meaning that as you move your character your voice moves with you, and as you get closer to other people speaking the louder you hear them, simulating a more physical experience for conversations.

Open Development

Existing data and content can be integrated into the UE5, speeding up content creation and access to the information. To know more about Open Development, go to our Discord and talk with our game developers.
We also are always looking for new developers partners.