What is it?

MetAmazonia is an "ESG" metaverse with high social-environmental and climate impact, based on real experiences and digital utilities.
MetAmazonia is an innovative metaverse platform that offers a one-of-a-kind digital twin experience of the Amazon Rainforest, allowing people and institutions to access, invest, earn utility tokens $MTZ, engage, monitor, and experience the beauty and sustainability of the Amazon Rainforest from anywhere in the world. With cutting-edge technology like Web3, Blockchain, Ai, IoT, GIS, and gaming engine, MetAmazonia enables users to explore the Rainforest's social-environmental and climate projects developed by AmaGroup's enterprises, and the local indigenous community's culture and lifestyle, all from the comfort of their own devices.
With over two decades of experience in protecting the Amazon Rainforest, AmaGroup has created the largest mosaic of sustainable reserves and private properties in the Amazon, and MetAmazonia is their latest initiative to enhance transparency, accessibility, and profitability in climate investments in Nature-based solutions and SDG related projects. By leveraging regenerative finance and fractional ownership of land plots in the first digital twin of the Amazon Rainforest, MetAmazonia allows everyone to be a part of the solution and make a positive impact on the environment and society.
Experience the Amazon Rainforest like never before with MetAmazonia - the photorealistic metaverse platform designed on UNREAL 5 engine, offering a fully explorable digital twin experience that is available on all kinds of devices, including VR. Join us today to create a sustainable future for our planet!
Digital Twin - Designed to integrated and virtualize all projects, processes and IOT's implemented in the reserves and local communities with the aim to bring easy access.
Metaverse for Good - MetAmazonia's photorealistic digital twin of the largest private reserve in the Amazon Rainforest and its local communities uses cutting edge technologies to generate revenues in order to protect forests and promote great social impact to underprivileged indigenous and traditional communities.
Phygital Utilities: A symbiosis between the physical (real) and digital wolds. A wide range of utilities and experiences can be found in Metamazonia's platform and its real reserves and communities.
MetAmazonia offers a one-of-a-kind experience through a gaming engine, real-time data, and an interactive 3D environment. Explorers can witness the weather, riverside levels, fauna and flora species, and culture of local indigenous and traditional communities in Amazon Rio's private reserve and its 20,000 hectares of protected rainforest. This is made possible by the world's largest private reserve in the Amazon Rainforest, which is now available in the virtual world through MetAmazonia, the first metaverse with high social-environmental impact and real-world assets.
To gain access to MetAmazonia's ecosystem, individuals and institutions can obtain a digital passport called "AmaLand NFT", a digital representation of Amazon Rio Reserve's physical land. Acquiring AmaLand means stepping into a new dimension of a digital asset with high social-environmental and climate impact, benefiting both the planet and the local indigenous communities. Through AmaLand NFT, users can participate in conferences, workshops, live music shows, and build virtual eco-constructions, cabanas, and tree-top chalets. AmaLand also allows for unique scientific studies of the biodiversity (fauna, flora, and rivers) in the sustainable reserve.
Each AmaLand parcel (NFT) is unique and reflects the same parcel in the real world, with its own characteristics and rarities that can be checked on the AmaLand NFT section. Furthermore, AmaLand provides access to four main pillars: digital utilities, CSR/ISR naming and image rights, phygital utilities and experiences.
In addition to operating in the metaverse, MetAmazonia's multidisciplinary team is committed to delivering the best experiences on the ground. The team is 100% dedicated to attending to the needs of local communities and fostering collaboration between all parties
Our ultimate goal is to establish ourselves as a global platform for various ESG applications and programs, providing a foundation and driving force for institutions and corporations that share MetAmazonia's purpose and are committed to advancing all 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.