Meet the team involved
Leonardo Barrionuevo - Chairman & Founder
ESG impact entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in a broad array of areas such as forest conservation, social development, CO2 emissions reduction, REDD+ (carbon credit) projects, business development and deployment, Web3, and blockchain.
Robin Daniels - CEO
International Board, NED and C-Suite business leader, strategist, entrepreneur, TEDx speaker. Primarily interested in rapid business growth, innovation, and investment opportunities supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Previously held senior teaching and research positions at Cambridge University, University College London, London Business School, and Loughborough University.
Member of the Administrative Council, and financial director for EBCF and MetAmazonia. Responsible for the legal and financial departments.
CFO of AmaGroup, responsible for financial corporate strategy, leading the implementation process of non-timber products. Contributing to the strategy of having multiple revenue streams coming from the forest.
Program Experience Lead at Mohammed Bin Rashid Innovation Fund, Senior Manager at EY leading several, high-profile consulting projects of up to US$3M and multidisciplinary teams of up to 25, with team members across 5 out of 7 continents. Strategy and Innovation Director at X.WORX.
Eduardo Covas- Chief Sustainability Office
Vice-President of the Administrative Council, ESG and EBCF Operations Director, responsible for the development and execution of the strategic and business plan for the company, carbon project, expansion, and investment program.
Valdenor Costa - Biodiversity Director
Director of Forest and Communities, responsible for coordinating and managing the engineering EBCF and AmaTech Labs office on the ground. As well as working on the implementation and management of the social activities on the reserve and along the communities.
Check the other team members here: metamazonia.io