Target Audiences

MetAmazonia enables people, institutions and businesses worldwide to invest and generate substantial yields whilst helping the planet.
Our intended audiences include:
  • ESG IMPACT (VCs and investors) - MetAmazonia is a cutting-edge platform that merges WEB3 and ESG, making it the most advanced of its kind worldwide. As a revolutionary climate investment solution with remarkable growth potential, it boasts substantial social, environmental, and climate impacts, coupled with a highly capable management team. With the ability to scale rapidly, this platform has the potential to yield substantial investment returns.
  • WEB3 (VCs and investors) - WEB3 investors, including VCs and other investors, will find MetAmazonia to be a distinctive use-case, thanks to its incorporation of real-world assets, data, and real-time information. In addition to the characteristics previously mentioned for impact investors, this unique feature makes MetAmazonia an attractive opportunity for investors in the WEB3 space.
  • Academics and scientists who can utilize MetAmazonia as an educational tool to teach environmental disciplines and collaborate with other professionals in the field.
  • Environmentalists who can join interest groups to exchange data and information on environmental protection and sustainability while experiencing the rainforest firsthand.
  • Artists and designers who can find inspiration from the forest and its inhabitants to create works in various media.
  • Gamers, developers, and builders who can design and play in a virtual world focused on preserving and respecting all forms of life.
  • Companies, brands, and influencers who can showcase their presence in the metaverse and gain access to exclusive forest plots while aligning with ESG principles.
  • Real estate and DAO investors who can diversify their portfolios with natural assets while embracing ESG trends.
  • Other NFT and Web3 projects that align with our mission to become a hub for sustainable projects in the metaverse.
  • Solo entrepreneurs who can buy a land NFT and monetize their experiences, such as offering online yoga or sustainable building classes, in a new and sustainable way.