Local Communities

To have a digital-twin it is mandatory to have boots on the ground
Since 2012, EBCF, alongside local communities, aims to guarantee the protection of the reserve. In 2022, EBCF held an official Public Hearing for the 15 Communities belonging to Amazon Rio RPDS, focusing on the conceptual explanation of EBCF activities, the RPDS institute, and the Carbon Credits Project.
Public Hearing
We have been building this reciprocity since the very beginning because we understand the need of people inside the reserve, particularly their need to generate income. That’s the reason why this mutualism is so important.
Also in 2022, an Advisory Board was formed with the leaders of the 15 Communities and representatives of Civil Society in order to facilitate problem-solving and promote social inclusion and participatory management.
The communities located in the surroundings of the AmaGroup's private reserve already benefit from the activities of the group and associated companies through an apolitical social organisation: education in its various aspects, infrastructure development, developing financial avenues from intelligent and low-impact management of the environment, and now crowd-funding local initiatives.
Furthermore, the existence of a non-governmental forest reserve keeps them safe from human predators such as loggers, miners, and other threats. What makes the creation of MetAmazonia a massive benefit for local inhabitants – and for the entire Amazon – is the visibility and the real possibility of interaction with the outside world.
The local communities of the forest will receive special access, allowing them to use it as a tool for services and education. Including the communities in the metaverse grants them a connection to the world, opening frontiers for new sustainable opportunities and development.
Besides all the social projects that we are developing on the ground, our focus is to include the communities in the actual data collecting and even educate them about Web3.